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Help Desk

Free Support Resources

Before contacting Technical Support, you may want to consult these available resources:

  • Choose the HELP button located at the top of every program screen or press F1 for context sensitive help.

  • Choose the TIPS button located at the top of every screen to pop open a small guide that will help you as you work.

Problem Solving Tips

When you call Technical Support with a problem, the support technician leads you through steps to identify and solve the problem. You can do some of this exploration yourself to eliminate possibilities that don't require technical expertise. The key to troubleshooting is trying the most basic approach first:

  • Back up your data.

  • Try the procedure again.

  • Just doing a warm boot can solve problems.

  • Start at the beginning. Examine screens where you filled in fields to be sure you are asking the program for what you want. For example, if a report does not include the information you want, be sure you have typed the correct date range for data and included the correct filter settings you want.

  • Try a related procedure. For example, if you are having a printing problem, check that the printer is working by trying to print something else. If you have trouble printing a report, print a work order or vice versa. If you can't print from your Rimrock Technologies program, try printing from another program. If nothing prints, you know the problem is related to the printer, not the software. Check the printer connections and settings.

  • If something used to work, think about what has changed.

  • If problems persists, you may want to restore from a backup. Be sure you keep backup copies of your data.  All data is stored in .mdb or .accdb files located in the root program folder except for SchedulePro Projects which are located in the /Projects folder.  Project files are created by the user and should also be backed up.

  • Some of your technical support issues may be resolved by upgrading. Check our Downloads page or contact us by phone or Email to be sure you have the latest version.

Before You Call

  • Have your Product Key handy; located

    • on the back of the CD Case, or

    • select About from the Ribbon or Help menu, or

    • know the name of the registered company

  • Know the name and version of the product you are calling about.

  • Note the steps you performed prior to the problem occurring.

  • Write down the exact error messages displayed on your screen.

  • Duplicate the problem - create the conditions with which you can recreate the problem.

  • Be prepared to explain what solutions have been tried and the results.

Premium Product Support

  • If you have purchased an annual support subscription, please use our support form or call (406) 248-3511 for help.

  • If you do not have support, but would like to have, call (800) 826-1230. Support Options.

  • Support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (Mountain). Please have your Product Key handy when calling.

Other Resources

If you cannot find answers to your questions on this web site, please contact us.