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Contractor BidPro Overview

Every construction contractor understands their craft however the tedious task of paperwork can be overwhelming. With these challenges in mind, Rimrock Technologies introduces Contractor BidPro, a computerized system designed to easily create a bid from products you use plus create and track invoices from your bids.

Developed for Microsoft Windows XP or higher operating systems, Contractor BidPro offers an easy-to-use graphical interface and extensive built-in help features.


The Products screen is where information on each product is stored. This information, including the sale price, unit size and bundle unit size are used to create line items for your bids.


Contractor BidPro eliminates tedious data entry and hand calculation of bid items. Simply select your product and quantity and Contractor BidPro does the rest!

Once bids are created, they can be converted to an invoice with a click of a button.


The Contractor BidPro Accounts Receivable module offers the ability to create invoices directly from your bids as well as creating invoices from scratch.

If the Accounts Receivable module is installed, the Ribbon Menu will contain additional items allowing you to create invoices, print invoices, apply customer payments and many reports including an A/R Aging Report, Customer Statements as well as Deposit, Payment, Unpaid Invoice and Tax Liability reports.