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Executive Toolkit software was developed for Microsoft Windows XP or higher operating systems. All seven applications offer an easy-to-use graphical interface and extensive on-line help and video features.

Janitorial Software

The software system designed specifically for the building service industry by a building service executive!

Executive ToolKit is a powerful janitorial software system developed by a current building service executive with over 25 years of hands-on experience. This easy-to-use suite of seven modular applications is designed to simplify your management procedures while increasing the productivity and efficiency of your building service operation.
All seven modules utilize a database of five standard components: customers, buildings, tenants, employees, and suppliers. Each of these components also offers information related to them. For example, the customer screen shows all the buildings listed for each customer, the buildings screen shows all the tenants in that building, contract information, and all the products and equipment issued for each building. This integration completely eliminates the hassles typically involved with managing and organizing your accounts.

Modules in Executive ToolKit include:

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