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Executive ToolKit Overview

Executive ToolKit is a suite of seven modular applications designed to add a new level of productivity to any building service operation.

Developed for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher operating systems, all seven applications offer an easy to use graphical interface and extensive on-line help features.

The modular design allows users to choose the one module they need most or all seven modules to get the most out of Executive ToolKit.

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Module Overview

Fast, easy and complete bidding and estimating package.

Executive ToolKit BidPro offers a step-by-step guide through the bidding and estimating process by creating and printing easy to use bid worksheets, cover letters, bid sheets and appendixes for the final bid presentation. Bids can be generated based on price per square foot, hourly, cost plus or by the piece. Overhead and other factors can be used in the bidding process as well, and may be itemized or entered using a flat dollar amount or percentage.

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Create & maintain all your bid proposals in one location.
  • Choose from four bid methods for each proposed line item
  • Link your existing Word and Excel documents with each customer
  • Print a 3-page proposal with a click of a button
Create and track inspections for quality control.

In any business one of the most overwhelming challenges is proactive management of quality control. When the job is done right, it goes unnoticed because that is what is expected. However, without a continuous monitoring process, quality will gradually decrease over time and could potentially become the new status-quo.

The only way to measure quality is to go into the field and check it. Successful organizations systematically use these inspections to improve their processes, which in turn increases the quality of the work being done. This long-awaited module for Rimrock Technologies Executive ToolKit is just the tool to help you manage your quality control program.

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  • Create Inspection Forms from templates and give to your inspector
  • Create Inspection Templates from Bid Appendix
  • Enter scores and track with the charting tool
Perfect for that Value-Added service of reselling building supplies!

InventoryPro is a tool to track general supplies, building supplies and equipment. Meaningful usage and valuation reports let you know what you currently have on hand and what it is worth. For example, you can print a report that shows all the billable supplies you issued for a specific date range. In addition, you can narrow the search for a specific customer.

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Track billable building supplies and general supplies by building.
  • Customer Pricing
  • Purchase Orders
  • View hundreds of report combinations, including valuation, usage, reorder, overstock and more!
Save labor dollars by letting you know the hours and labor spent.

JobCostPro is a time keeping tool to help track the hours and labor costs of your jobs.  Jobs can be assigned to departments and supervisors to categorize different parts of your organization. Bottom line: JobCostPro will help you save labor dollars by letting you know the hours and labor spent for the pay period, month and year.

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Time keeping tool to help track the hours and labor costs of your jobs.
  • Extremely fast and diverse tool that allows you to enter time cards
  • Overtime Averaging
  • Exports to QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, HTML and others
Safety and Health Program. (Includes a Haz Com program right out of the box!)

SafetyPro is a tool to train employees and to implement and maintain safety and health programs. Out of the box it includes a Hazard Communication Program and a Bloodborne Pathogens Program that you can implement immediately just by typing in the Safety and Health managers name and address. You can also create and implement your own site-specific programs that you need to keep track of.

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Create & maintain a HazCom program and other training materials.
  • Create unlimited training programs and associate them with employees
  • Easy maintenance of programs and training
  • Enter MSDS data for training use and secondary labels
  • Includes a Hazard Communication Program
Full-featured workload and scheduling program.

The Daily Schedules give each cleaner a miniature, easy to read, schedule that tells them where to clean, what time to start and end each task and specific duties or comments for each task. The Periodic Schedules outline tasks to be done in a specific month.

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Create daily & periodic schedules to give to your employees.
  • Create card-sized daily schedules
  • One-step workloading and periodic scheduling
  • Create periodic schedules with calendar-style viewing and reporting
  • Census-based daily scheduling
  • Priority-based daily scheduling
Work Order and Complaint Tracker.

WorkOrderPro is a work order and complaint tracker that prints work orders and reports for each person selected. WorkOrderPro's comprehensive search utility finds work orders based on one or more of the criterion selected.

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  • Easily create one-time and recurring work orders
  • Schedule, view and print calendar-style reports
  • Associate InventoryPro products with work orders
  • Find work orders with the powerful search utility

Standard Components:

All 7 modules utilize a database of five standard components: customers, buildings, tenants, employees and suppliers. Each of these components also offers information related to them.

For example, the customer screen shows all the buildings listed for each customer, the buildings screen shows all the tenants in that building, contract information, and if InventoryPro is installed, all the products and equipment issued for each building.