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Executive ToolKit
The JobCostPro module of Executive ToolKit provides a resource to enter employee time and rate cards. Since an employee can use any amount of job numbers and/or pay types for any given day, time-tracking can become very complex. With the many different features of JobCostPro, you can easily drill down to the information you need.

With JobCostPro's unique Job and Distribution Reports, you can get up-to-the-minute hours and costs for jobs and employees. In addition, JobCostPro tracks employees in overtime, anniversaries, benefit hours, evaluations, costs by department and even has a billing report that runs on the last pay period of the month.

When a pay period is run, employees in overtime that use more than one pay type, will have their overtime averaged. Time cards can be optionally exported to QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, Comma Delimited Text or HTML formats.

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